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1st World Congress on Matriarchal Studies
Luxembourg 2003
Selected Papers


Center for the Study of the Gift Economy

International Academy Hagia


Exhibition: The Foundation for a Compassionate Society
                                                                   Austin, Texas, USA

The Foundation for a Compassionate Society, was founded by Genevieve Vaughan as an attempt to practice gift giving for social change in the here and now. She used the system of exchange to provide the abundance necessary for women to give the gifts. That is, she provided salaries for women activists who could devote their time in a coordinated way to projects directed towards solving the problems created by patriarchy. These projects included media, meeting spaces, activist organizing, and conferences, touching many cultural and political areas. The exhibit documents this activity from 1985 to the present. Most of the projects of the Foundation closed in 1998; the remaining projects will close in 2006 with the exception of the Goddess Temple in Nevada and FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavor) and Casa de Bambini Montessori School in Kyle, TX.

Photo Exhibition: The New Matriarchal Mystery Festivals
                                              International ACADEMY HAGIA, Germany

In the matriarchal cultures world-wide, the Great Goddess was worshipped as the creatress of the universe and the mother of all living beings. In the new Matriarchal Mystery Festivals these traditions are being renewed and the cycles of life are venerated again each year. The new Matriarchal Mystery Festivals have been created in 1983 as a pioneer work by Heide Goettner-Abendroth and celebrated together with more than thousand women at Academy HAGIA. They are based on historical and present-day knowledge of matriarchal peoples on all continents and have been much influential in the German speaking countries of Europe. - This exhibition documents one seasonal cycle as a part of more than two decades of spiritual work.

Exhibition: Texas State University Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, San Marcos, TX, USA

Exhibition: The Re-formed Church of the Goddess-International, USA

Photo Exhibition: The Life Cycle of the Juchiteca, Mexico

Goddess Banners from Lydia Ruyle, USA

Lydia Ruyle is an artist scholar on the faculty of the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. Her research into sacred images of women has taken her around the globe. Her Goddess Icon Spirit Banners have flown in Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ghana, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China and the U.S. spreading their divine feminine energies. A book about Goddess Icons Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine was published in 2002.